Bike-4-Life - helping raise funds for rare forms of cancer
On May 19, 2012 a spectacular event occurred.  Over 100 participants showed
up for the first Cycle for Survival Event in Las Vegas
and raised over $15,000.00!

The event was a complete success based upon the determination of Kristin Shapiro.  
Kristin organized and planned the entire event.   Since October 2011 she heard many
people say no to getting this charity event off the ground, but she continued to pursue the
event and was able to get the event back on track.  I am personally proud to be her
husband and am totally impressed with her dedication to this event.  

Congratulations and a job well done!!
A Partial List of  Participants

Kristin Shapiro, Law Office of Brian D. Shapiro, Bryce Shapiro, Matt DeMatteo, John and Darlene Edwards,

Law Offices of Shelley D. Krohn, Ltd., Alex Tobin, Frankie Miklos, Javier Melendez, Tom Barron, Candace

Carolyn DeYoung, Diane Calculli, Rebecca Webb, Sophia DeYoung, Olivia DeYoung, Lauren Collins-Barron,

Leilah Maasry, Jan Webb, Diane Shapiro, Zacharia Larson, Master Magician Lance Burton, Matthew C. Zirzow,

Janice Hertig, James Riess, Roger Giulani, Steve Sidhu, Talitha B. Gray Kozlowski, Frankie Miklos,

Javier Melendez, Stephen Coffey, Laurie Saposhnik, David Luzod, Nelson Segel, Peter S. Christiansen,

Melissa Carrigan, Carolle Blaiwes, Teva Golden, Jackie Webb, William Moore, Stephanize Kize,

Isabella DeYoung, James P. Shea